Making Video Dance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dance for the Screen is the first workbook to follow the entire process of video dance production: from having an idea, through to choreographing for the screen, filming and editing, and distribution. In doing so, it explores and analyses the creative, practical, technical, and aesthetic issues that arise when making screen dance. Published by Routledge on the 11th September 2018, the second edition of Making Video Dance is rigorously revised and brings the book fully up to date from a technical and aesthetic point of view.


Making Video Dance is a seminal work, the first of its kind for screendance/dance film educators. When Making Video Dance arrived on the scene, it soon became the pre-eminent resource for those interested in exploring the practice of making dance films. I whole-heartedly support the revision/additions to Making Video Dance, as its subject has only become more relevant since its first publication.

- Ellen Bromberg, Distinguished Professor, University of Utah

Katrina McPherson is an award-winning screen dance artist whose practice is informed by her background in dance and video art, as well as her wide experience as a director of arts programmes for television. Katrina’s recent directing credits include the In Motion series for BBC on-line, and collaborative screen dance works such as Uath Lochans, Coire Ruadh, and seminal works such as There is a Place, Moment, and Pace. She is an experienced lecturer and workshop leader and has taught extensively worldwide.